by Francis Durbridge

Director – Tony Jose


Audition: Sunday 3rd March at 2.30pm

Performances: 10th to 15th June 2019

Murder and mystery abound in this ingenious play with more than its fair share of blind alleys. A greedy husband plots to kill his wife and make it look like suicide. His plans are thwarted: he, not his wife, ends up dead. But how and by whom? There are so many possible suspects and motives that the truth is elusive. The London critics said: “A night to remember for any fan of mystery, murder and edge-of-your-seat suspense.” And: “If you enjoy the very best of thrillers, see ‘Deadly Nightcap’, it’s the best.”

Jack Radford: age 50/60s
Sarah Radford: 50/60s
Geoffrey Curtis: works for Jack Radford – 30/40s
Lucy Baker: housekeeper – any age
Edward Donnington: Sarah’s brother – 50/60s
Kate Warren: Sarah’s friend – 50/60s
Anna Truman: Jack’s other lady! 50/60s
Dr. Maurice Young: smaller part – 40/50s
Cliff Jordan: detective – 40/50s
Arnold Boston: solicitor, small part in Act 2/Scene 4, – 40/50s

The scripts will be available from the theatre from 3 February 2019. Please sign the sheet provided and return the scripts as soon as possible in order that others may read them. For further information please ring Tony Jose on 01227 366004.

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