Dick Whittington and his Cat
by Ben Crocker

Audition: Wednesday 5th September 2018 at 7.30pm

Performances: 6th to 15th December 2018

Dick Whittington and his Cat by Ben Crocker

Director Tony Jose

Join Dick and his cat on their adventures as they run away to London looking for their fortune but end up at the docks setting sail for… well… goodness knows where! Dick makes some good friends including Sarah the Cook, but oh dear!… that pesky King Rat has stowed away on board too with some of his sneaky gang! Action, adventure, secrets, songs, dancing, trickery, romance, swash-buckling sailors and rogue-ish rats aplenty in this sparkling pantomime.

King Rat – the baddy, bombastic and pompous
Fairy Bowbells – London Fairy with attitude
Tommy the Cat – male or female, feline grace, quick thinking
Idle Jack – comedy character, lazy and charming
Dick Whittington – either male or female, bright and pleasant
Alice Fitzwarren – quick thinking young woman
Sarah the Cook – dame played by a man, generous, optimistic and man hungry
Alderman Fitzwarren*
Captain Horatio Fitzwarren*
The Emperor of Morocco*

*The parts of Alderman Fitzwarren, Horatio Fitzwarren and the Emperor of Morocco can be played by the same actor – with increasingly ludicrous quick changes. Meaty roles with different characters, lots of pace and attack, comedy parts.

Chorus of Citizens, Rats, Sailors, Guards, Palace Attendants, etc.

The scripts will be available from the theatre from 1st July 2018. Please sign the sheet provided and return the scripts as soon as possible in order that others may read them. For further information please ring Tony Jose on 01227 375838.

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