Casting Policy


In order to assist both directors and actors taking part in auditions, the Board would like to set out the procedures in place for casting.

Scripts will be made available for members to read in advance of the audition from the PA or Board member in charge of drama.  The play director should take no part in this process.  Where possible audition passages should be chosen in advance and displayed on the notice board and website.

The Director of the play has control over the audition, casting and rehearsal of the play that he or she is preparing for performance at Herne Bay Little Theatre. This means that the Director is required to ensure that:

  • No pre audition casting takes place
  • Active acting members of the club are informed by newsletter, publication on the notice board, or other means that an audition is to take place.
  • All members who wish to audition may be heard.
  • Although all auditions are open to non members to be heard on an equal basis, it is up to the discretion of the Director in consultation with the Board member responsible for Drama whether additional external publicity should be attached to the open audition.
  • Where possible, casting is from those who have auditioned.
  • If a non member is cast, it is on the understanding that they should become a member forthwith by paying the appropriate subscription.
  • Those who have auditioned are informed promptly whether or not they have been cast.  

It is also the right of the Director to take into account his or her personal view of the play and, in cases where no-one has auditioned for a part or where those who have auditioned are not suitable for the part, may ask other suitable members, who may not have auditioned, to read.

In cases where none of the members who have auditioned is, in the Director’s opinion, suitable for or available to play a part, the Director may contact actors from outside the club.

Those members of the club who have been cast in a play should:

  • Be available for the rehearsal schedule and if, for any reason become unavailable, inform the Director or his/her PA as soon as possible.     Be prompt in attending rehearsals.
  • Learn the script in accordance with the rehearsal schedule.
  •  Make themselves available for costume fitting and photographs as required.
  • If unavailable at any time, to inform the Director or his/her PA as soon as possible.