Audition – Just the Ticket

A comedy by Peter Quilter. Directed by Shelagh Scarborough

Audition Date: Sunday 5th January 2020 – 2.30PM

Eccentric Susan is the star of the show! On her journey to Australia we learn about her life through her chatty and comic monologues. Sounds simple? Well, think again!

This play can be performed by up to six women – all playing Susan at various points on her journey. The challenge is to convince the audience that YOU ARE ALL THE SAME PERSON. So, physical mannerisms are as crucial as the words.

As you are not on stage together until the final scene, rehearsals will be a combination of physical mirroring, use of stage/props as well as scripted words.

I’m looking forward to working with ladies who fancy a real challenge.


Scripts are available in the Green Room.

For any further information contact Shelagh at

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