The Haunting of Hill House

A suspense drama by F. Andrew Leslie

Director: Marc Hamilton

12 – 17 August 2019, 7.30pm

Cut off from the outside world by its remote location and shunned by all who know its forbidding and sinister location, ‘Hill House’ has remained empty and silent. Its isolation is only broken by the arrival of Dr. Montague, an investigator of supernatural phenomena, and three guests who he has invited to assist with his psychic research. Each has their own particular reason for being at ‘Hill House’ but their initial joviality soon turns into something far more threatening as they are all jolted by strange and eerie occurrences. What forces are really at play at ‘Hill House’?

This amateur production of “The Haunting of Hill House”is being presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Tickets: £9

To book tickets please call the Box Office (Monday to Saturday between 10am and 6pm) on 01227 366004