By Keith Waterhouse

Performances 7 – 12 October 2019

Audition: Sunday 19 May 2019 at 2.30pm

This amateur production of “Jeffery Bernard Is Unwell” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.
Director: Jane Pottle

Gambler, journalist, fervent alcoholic and four-times married Jeffery Bernard writes the “Low Life” column for the Spectator magazine chronicling Soho life as well as offering a very personal philosophy on vodka, women and race-courses. From this, Keith Waterhouse has brilliantly constructed a play which is set in the saloon bar of Bernard’s favourite Soho pub, the Coach and Horses. Having passed out in the lavatory, Bernard awakes in the early hours of the morning to find himself alone in the dark. Unable to contact the landlord, he is resigned to spending the rest of the night with a bottle of vodka and the endless chain of cigarettes, narrating a story of hilarious anecdotes and witty reminiscences which are enacted by two actors and two actresses who bring to life the various characters who populate Jeff’s world.


Jeffery Bernard
Woman 1: 50/60’s
Woman 2: 30’s
Man 1: 50/60’s
Man 2: 30/40’s

For further information please contact Jane Pottle on 01227 639606 or email

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